NFS Pro Street

Need For Speed Pro Street was released on the year 2007, three years past but the impact of game among the gamers are still seen. There are still one question, is that NFS MOST WANTED is better then Pro street?. There are many mix answer and every answer have an appropriate reason. According to me both game has different level of fun and adventure. Both are good at their place. But I like most wanted. But as i mention above both have different level of interest.
A little walkthrough about Need For Speed Pro Street helps you to understand this game and Full Working Links helps you to download and play.

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz / AMD 2100 +
RAM: 256MB/512MB,
VGA: 128MB, with support for DirectX 9.0c
Speed Internet (for network games): 256 kbit / s
HĐH: Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista

Career Day
  • The papers that make up the tournaments are standard in the series, although there are some novelties. The drag is one of the most disputed events in ProStreet and, as we noted in our impressions playable few weeks ago, has some important developments. To start running before we "Burning Wheels" minigame that involves heating the tires to improve grip. Operation is simple and we keep the bar indicative of the engine between green values and the more time passes the rod that margin will get more grip and traction of the wheels of the vehicle.
  • With the pad triggers the minigame is fun and resolves without major problems, we can not say the same for the PC version that when using the keyboard, without analog sensitivity, becomes a torture for the lack of precision. Therefore strongly recommended to connect a pad to your computer if we play to the PC version.
  • No more street racing and police chases. In ProStreet abandon the dark side of the law to participate in tournaments legal under the skin of Ryan Cooper, a young pretender to the throne of speed.
  • Once we passed the first part of the race will move to the drag race itself, which hides under a different operation interface identical to previous editions, but with greater freedom to direct the vehicle. The group works with solvency although there is some evidence of abuse "Burning Wheels", alongside the factor which is not particularly critical.
  • The Racing Industry, meanwhile, are another major developments and opt for a closed split into four sections, winning the most points achieved in each of these. The biggest problem with this style of play is reduced to just finish the races before the others, and often the factor of whether or not a sector Race is totally irrelevant.
  • The remaining tests remain largely unchanged. In the skids we, of course, more points than the other rivals in several batches, and speed test be the fastest circuit in a highly marked by straight lines where one small slip will be fatal.

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